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  • A revolution in feedback for teachers, parents and students
Startastic! Is a simple and easy way for teachers to award students in their class, and for parents and students to follow their achievements.
User Reviews
“The parents of my kids are going to LOVE this” – Grade 2 teacher, GWA Dubai
“It’s so cool to be able to see what my son is doing in almost real time” – Grade 1 Student’s Mother
  • Quickly add all students in a class
  • Teachers can add as many classes as they need
  • Easily follow children’s classes through a unique code
  • Teachers can award stars to students in under 20 seconds
  • Stars can be awarded to one student or many
  • Parents will receive emails of the stars awarded, and can download the app to view them all in one place
  • Take photos and add comments of students work
  • Easily share the app with friends through email and facebook
Startastic! Aims to make the feedback to parents and children more rewarding and in realtime.  No more need to wait for parent/teacher nights and the dreaded report card.
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